In this laboratory, we use a "microchip" that is a glass substrate with extremely small channels as thin as a hair or a mosquito needle fabricated by semiconductor process. By exploiting this ultra small space, we are developing technologies to handle single cell or single molecule individually which has been difficult up to now, and then contribute to biological or medical field. Our research includes not only chemical and biochemical but also mechanics and material engineering factors. So, that is very rich in variety.

If you are interested in our research, please visit and see our laboratory. If you are thinking about collaborations, we are welcome so please contact us. If you are students or researchers and want to join our laboratory, please freely consult with us.


  • Yo Tanaka, previous TL, resigned.
    For contact homepage and papers, please use “yo.tanaka(at)”(permanently used Alumni Network address)
    Eisuke Nishida BDR Center Director succeeded Team Leader job as an additional position.
    • ETH-RIKEN Joint Seminar, supported by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, will be held at ETH Zurich Honggerberg on 22th August 2018. Dr. Yo Tanaka, Unit Leader, and Dr. Nobuyuki Tanaka, Research Scientist, in our laboratory, will provide presentations in the seminar.
    • 2015.6.16
      Ms. Yuri Owa joined as Technical Assistant.
    • 2015.6.1
      Ms. Akiko Imasato joined as Technical Assistant.
      Mr. Yuji Noguchi joined as Student Trainee.
    • 2015.5.1
      Dr. Yaxiaer Yalikun joined as Postdoctoral Researcher.
    • 2015.4.1
      Dr. Nobuyuki Tanaka joined as Research Scientist.
      Dr. Nobutoshi Ota joined as Technical Staff.
      Ms. Asako Sato joined as Technical Staff.
      Ms. Yoshie Nakagawa joined as Assistant.
    • 2015.1.6
      A paper on a cell-free protein-synthesis system on a glass microchip was accepted in Analytical Sciences.
    • 2014.12.16
      A paper on a micropump by differentiating iPS cells was accepted in Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical.
    • 2014.12.9
      A paper on simple on-chip valves using PDMS was accepted in RSC Advances.
    • 2014.10.22
      Research Scientist Takayuki Kawai will give an invited lecture (keynote) in Sample Treatment 2014 held in Lisbon, Portugal on December 8-10.
    • 2014.5.20
      A paper on all glass on chip pump was accepted in Micromachines.
    • 2014.5.9
      Unit Leader Yo Tanaka and Research Scientist Takayuki Kawai will give invited lectures in EMN Summer Meeting held in Cancun, Mexico on June 9-12.
    • 2014.5.7
      Dr. Takayuki Kawai joined as Research Scientist.
    • 2014.4.1
      Unit Leader Yo Tanaka will give an invited lecture in AnalytiX 2014 (international conference of analytical chemistry) held in Dalian, China on April 27.
      Ms. Ayaka Tsujii changed the type of job from Assistant (part timer) to Technical Staff (full-time employment).
      Dr. Hiroyuki Moriguchi moved as a teacher in Kyoto City high school. He is registered at our unit as Visiting Scientist.
    • 2013.07.12
      A study on electroactive polymer valves was published on RIKEN RESEARCH.                                                                  
    • 2013.07.04
      A study on totally glass based on chip valves was published on RIKEN RESEARCH.                                                                  
    • 2013.04.10
      A paper on all glass on chip valve was accepted in RSC Advances.
    • 2013.04.01
      A paper on electroactive polymer valve on chip with Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd.
      and the University of Tokyo was accepted in Sensors and Actuators B:Chemical.
    • 2012.09.21
            ↓↓↓   ☆ NEWS ☆   ↓↓↓
      [RIKEN Quantitative Biology Center Inagural Symposium] "Towards Whole-Cell Modeling"  will be held.
         November 5-7, 2012
         Kobe International Conference Center, Kobe, Japan
    • 2012.08.07
      Unit's homepage opened.
    • 2012.07.24
      Our research was reported in newspapers.
    • 2012.04.20
      Ms. Ayaka Tsujii joined as Assistant.
    • 2012.04.01
      Dr. Hiroyuki Moriguchi joined as Researcher.
    • 2011.09.01
      Laboratory for Integrated Biodevice started.